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The Settings tab contains 3 menus: Main, Help, and About. This tab also allows users to easily share the app.

Main Menu

The Main menu allows users to customize the types of notifications received and Deactivate Conditional Call Forwarding.


Users can select to receive notifications for Blocked calls and New Voicemails

Deactivate Call Forwarding

User can easily deactivate Conditional Call Forwarding from within the app.

  • Once deactivated, PrivacyStar will no longer block or identify calls and new voicemails will no longer appear in the app.

You must deactivate Conditional Call Forwarding before uninstalling the app to prevent voicemails from being forwarded to the app.

Help Menu

Help menu includes access to Frequently asked Questions, and other options to help troubleshoot issues you may be experiencing.


Selecting this option takes users to a list of PrivacyStar Support FAQs to help resolve issues.

PrivacyStar not blocking or identifying calls?

This option initiates the ‘Reactivation’ steps. If you’re experiencing issues with PrivacyStar not blocking or identifying calls, complete the Reactivation steps to ensure you have Conditional Call Forwarding setup correctly.

Test Call

This option sends you a call which will help confirm if you’re setup correctly and receiving call protection.

Disable PrivacyStar

This option allows users to disable all call blocking.

About Menu

This menu includes PrivacyStar’s Privacy Policy, Terms of service, App version and more.


Displays all open source code used and attributes credit to assets used within the PrivacyStar app.

App Version

Displays the current app version the user has installed

Registration ID

This ID is used when diagnosing any issues you may experience while using the app

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