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The Activity view shows a lists of all incoming and outgoing calls. The Activity View displays the Caller Name or Category, when available, and how the call was treated.


Displays a lifetime count of how many calls PrivacyStar has blocked and identified

Activity Filter

The Activity View can be filtered to show ALL incoming calls, blocked calls, and calls sent to voicemail.


  • All calls: Displays all call activity, including incoming and outgoing calls, blocked calls, calls sent to voicemail, and missed calls.
  • Blocked: Displays all blocked calls
  • Sent to voicemail: Displays all call that were blocked and sent to voicemail

Note: The filter is set to show ALL calls by default.

Selecting a number in the Activity View (Detail View)

Tapping on a number will display additional information for the number. Information may include:

  • Caller Name
  • Category of the Call
  • Phone number
  • Options to Block, Send to Voicemail, or Allow
  • Quick Report
    • Quickly report if the caller was a Robocall and the category of the caller. This helps make PrivacyStar even better.
  • File a Detailed Report
    • Send additional details about the caller and report to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC)
  • Recent Activity for the number

Long-Press a number in the Activity View

Long-pressing on a number will display additional options:

  • Call
  • Message
  • Create Contact

Refresh Activity

The Activity View will refresh upon app launch.

  • Manual Refresh: Drag-down the Activity View to manually refresh
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